Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi all, my first time blogging so I feel a bit nervous as I am a talkative extravert, comfortable with the face to face so this is a new experience – so here I go…Our launch was great, we had so much support from family, frie

nds and sponsors:BAREFOOT Magazine, GLAD, live it homewares, Organic Empire and SPC.

People really enjoyed themselves, as I did once the

speeches were over. The venue was great, we were able to have children with us without missing out on space comfortable for adults. We self catered too we really wanted to have great food and drinks. I’m still eating cheesecake, it took a while to hit the right recipes and size, with that I made twice as many as we needed.

Rachel Watts one of the editors from BAREFOOT magazine, ( launched our book. Rachel spoke beautifully weaving in the importance of preparing food thoughtfully and with love. She highlighted how difficult it can be to do this when we all lead such busy lives.

It was great to see others getting excited about the book, it is a little anxiety provoking self publishing so it really affirming. My 90 year old Great Aunty ‘Flossie’ bought nine! She gave them to all her grand children and daughter.

It was also good to be able to thank people publicly. Clare and I may have written the book but for me without Stephen Pope, my parents, Rachel Watts and my long suffering friends I need to reintroduce myself too this would have happened. Most importantly Clare my dear friend and Sarah who joined us and generously shared the benefit of her skills.

Well enough for now, below are some photos of the launch, hope you enjoy them, thanks to Joseph for taking the time to help us capture our launch, the photos are great!


Rachel Watts launching Recipe Blocks

Rachel and Anna Editors from Barefoot Magazine

Christine from Love to Cambodia

Wendy from Love to Cambodia and Nurses Heart

Aunty Flossie
The kids having fun in the play area

Setting up for the main event

Yummy food

Authors having a moment

Clare saying her bit

Sarah, MS too!

Book sales!!
More food and drinks

Having fun

Stroller parking


Urban Life, a great place for an event!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exciting news

We have just had some exciting news. Mums on a Mission has been selected to speak at a forum as part of the Business Mums Network. We have 20 minutes to show case our business at their public speaking forum. The event is on Wednesday Novemember 18th, 12.30pm start at the Lillydale Lake Community Room. Costs $10 and all are welcome!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Welcome to the heart & soul of Recipe Blocks. This is a story about two best friends who had a dream and actually did something about it...Mums on a Mission. This is the reason I got involved and the reason I continue to believe in Recipe Blocks.

We are having our official Launch this Saturday (10th October 2009) at the Urban Life Cafe, so I am flat chat getting everything organised. Next week, I will take you on the journey so far.....

Take Care, Sarah